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Skylight Installation Services

If you’re looking for more light in your home or office, consider installing a skylight. Our team at Certified Professional Roofing can inspect your roof and attic and evaluate whether skylight installation is a possibility. If it is, we can get right to work.

The installation process begins by cutting a hole in the roof, following the dimensions of the chosen skylight model. After that, the skylight frame is mounted onto the roof and then sealed with flashing to prevent water leaks. The final step is to install the glass or plastic skylight into the frame, ensuring it fits properly.

You’ll be left with a beautiful skylight and more natural light right where you want it.

Skylight Repair Services

Just like any part of a building, skylights can suffer from wear and tear, necessitating regular maintenance and occasional repair. With the right knowledge and tools, however, your skylights can be managed effectively.

Common skylight issues include leaks, condensation build-up, or cracks in the glass or frame. Our crew can identify any trouble spots and suggest repairs that will keep your home or business safe and dry.

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Explore Our Skylight Solutions and Services

Our crew of CPR’s are well versed and up-to-date on the latest skylight trends and products. We take great pride in the installation, exchange, or removal of your skylight system. We proudly offer a wide selection of aesthetic skylights that come backed by a 10 year Velux No Leak Warranty.

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